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Catholic Health supports Labor aged care savings plan

Catholic Health Australia has said that an ALP savings plan for low income people has potential to help with long term aged care costs.

"The concept of saving for your longer term aged care costs is an important public policy issue which deserves immediate attention," said CHA CEO Francis Sullivan. "What Labor is suggesting for low income people should be applied more broadly to meet the increasing costs of caring for older Australians."

Under the current set of Commonwealth policies there is an increasing reliance on user charges in aged care even though 88% of residents are pensioners. Already residents in aged care homes are contributing 30% of the cost of their care.

Mr Sullivan said: "In the future if governments are going to impose more user charges then we must be given an incentive to save now."

"However this does not absolve the Commonwealth from its responsibility to ensure access to essential care," he said. "But it does recognise that consumers are paying now and all the Commonwealth signals point to consumers paying more in the future."

Catholic Health Australia

Catholic Health Australia
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25 Sep 2003