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Broome Diocese supports WA Govt's Sustainability Strategy

The Coordinator of the Broome Diocesan Office of Justice, Ecology & Peace has warmly welcomed the release of the Western Australian State Government's Sustainability Strategy.

Premier Geoff Gallup released Hope for the Future: The Western Australia State Sustainability Strategy last week at the International Sustainability Conference in Fremantle.

"This will be a challenging agenda for Government, industry and civil society to work through over the coming years," said Br Shane Wood.

The release of the Strategy follows the Premier's consultation process, announced in 2001. Br Wood said the Premier "placed environmental concerns firmly at the centre of his desire to achieve sustainability".

The Strategy is designed to meet the needs of current and future generations through an integration of environmental protection, social advancement and economic prosperity. The Premier admits that the transition to a sustainable future is a long-term agenda, but insists it requires a "rethinking of the way Western Australians live, user resources, govern and do business".

"Some might see that there has been no real retreat from the coupling of the concepts of 'sustainable' and 'development' in this strategy," said Br Wood.

"Hopefully all who live, work and visit Western Australia will become conscious of our need to walk respectfully upon a land that bears all too obviously the scars of previous exploitation and mistreatment - albeit in ignorance," he added.

Br Wood quoted 'an Amazonian native': "People destroy the forest in Brazil because they are poor and ignorant. What is Australia's excuse?'"

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24 Sep 2003