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Irish archbishop condemns intimidation of Catholics on police boards

The head of the Catholic Church in Ireland has spoken out against attacks and threats against Catholic members of District Policing Partnership Boards in Northern Ireland.

"I want to add my voice to those who have condemned these sinister attempts to rid the DPPs of Catholic representation," Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland Dr Seán Brady said last week. "Violence and intimidation have no place in a community which believes in freedom and human rights."

Dr Brady said the "totally indefensible" attacks on property and threats to people and their families must stop immediately.

He said the District Police Partnerships (DPP) are "a central part of building an accountable and representative police service", stressing that those who have joined these boards out of a sense of civic duty "deserve our respect and support".

Three DPP members in Northern Ireland resigned last week following a campaign of intimidation against Catholics.

District policing partnerships were set up across Northern Ireland under reforms initiated by a commission headed by former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten and implemented by the government.

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23 Sep 2003