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Holy See could become full member of UN

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano has said the Holy See could become a full member of the United Nations.

He said in an address to Italian bankers on Friday that international law would have no problem with such a move.

Currently the Holy See has permanent observer status, which allows it to address meetings called by the UN, but no voting power.

"Papal sovereignty in the international realm is not determined by its temporal power," he said. "The law has already noted that the Holy See is placed within the international ordering according to its own spiritual character."

This is why the Holy See "does not act with calculations of economic strength, but bases itself solely on the power of persuasion and patience in dialogue," he added.

"Because of its religious nature, the Holy See always stresses the primacy of peace," he said. "Because of its universal nature, it follows with concern all the critical situations in the world. And, finally, because of its humanitarian nature, it insists that all proper measures be taken in favour of civil populations."


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23 Sep 2003