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Boy's cancer cure could be MacKillop's required second miracle

A seven-year-old Melbourne boy's recovery from cancer could be the second miracle required for the canonisation of Blessed Mary MacKillop.

The Herald-Sun reports the boy was sent home to die in 1996 after doctors gave him no hope of surviving an aggressive tumour on his head and spine.

After a novena by friends, family and the Sisters of St Joseph, he reportedly made a "stunning recovery".

Seven years later, Sr Maria Casey says enough time may have passed to declare his recovery a cure, but another round of medical advice would be sought before sending the miracle case to Rome.

Sr Casey, the postulator for the cause of MacKillop's sainthood, said doctors had testified to the inexplicable nature of the boy's recovery, but are yet to give a final verdict.

MacKillop, who died in 1909 after devoting her life to educating poor children, was beatified in 1995 after a woman's recovery from leukemia was accepted as a miracle by the Pope.

The woman was sent home to die in 1964, but after prayers to Mary she survived and had a baby a year later on August 8, the date MacKillop died.

The Herald Sun says it has found "hundreds of so-called extraordinary happenings" being reported each month. The Josephites say a handful could turn out to be the perfect miracle needed to pass the Vatican's criteria.


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