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Ratzinger seeks further explanation from US theologian

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has reportedly asked US Jesuit theologian Roger Haight for a set of explanations regarding his 2000 book Jesus, Symbol of God.

The Congregation's Prefect Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger asked Haight's Boston teaching institution - Weston School of Theology - to stand him down. Haight is currently on sabattical at Georgetown University's Woodstock Theological Centre.

The book suggests Jesus' humanity can support a new openness of Christianity to a pluralist vision, in the context of interreligious dialogue. This position is related to that of Jacques Dupuis, another Jesuit whose views were investigated by the Congregation.

Haight commented earlier this month at an interreligious seminar in Birmingham in the UK, that he did not expect the Church to accept his ideas regarding religious pluralism. But he pointed out that many of the views condemned during the modernist crisis of the early 20th century were later accepted by Vatican II.

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17 Sep 2003