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Franciscans draw UN attention to human trafficking

The Franciscan office at the UN in Geneva has successfully introduced into a UN document its major points of concern on human trafficking and exploitation, including a request that the UN General Assembly declare a special Year Against Trafficking in Persons.

The UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, which ended its three-week session on Friday, adopted five of the six major proposals that the Franciscans submitted on the trafficking issue.

They proposed that the Sub-Commission urge states to criminalise human trafficking "in all its forms", to ratify existing anti-trafficking treaties, to ensure assistance and respect for victims of trafficking, and to spend more money on comprehensive anti-trafficking strategies. The Sub-Commission adopted all these measures.

Franciscan International's Senior Advocacy Officer Alessandra Aula said the proposals would help bring world-wide attention to this issue. FI and several other Non-Governmental Organisations also successfully introduced points that were adopted on the issue of extreme poverty.

The UN Sub-Commission - comprised of 26 independent experts from around the world - ended its annual meeting by approving a set of resolutions on a series of human rights issues. They included administration of justice, economic and social rights, and terrorism. The Sub-Commission's final document will now be submitted to the UN Commission on Human Rights for its meeting in March-April 2004.

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18 Aug 2003