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Australian politicians resisting Vatican pressure on gay marriage legislation

Prominent Catholic MPs, including Labor's Laurie Brereton and Liberal Christopher Pyne, have responded to the church's cry to repeal any gay marriage laws by suggesting the Vatican stay out of government matters.

"MPs should decide issues strictly on their merits. The separation of church from state is fundamental to our system," Mr Brereton said.

Mr Pyne said: "I have a firm belief in the separation of church and state ... so, while the Catholic Church is entitled to its opinion, it's no more than an opinion and I don't feel bound by any direction from anyone."

The Australian says that other politicians it contacted by took cover. Communications Minister Richard Alston refused to comment, as did Ageing Minister Kevin Andrews and Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott.

Melbourne Auxiliary Bishop Christopher Prowse said the Catholic Church sympathised with politicians struggling to reconcile the demands of church and party. He said in cases of conflict, politicians should simply do their best.

Australian Democrats' spokesman for sexuality issues, Brian Greig, said the Pope's call was "an appalling interference by the church into domestic politics" and "an abuse of power".

In NSW, the State Health Minister, Morris Iemma, and his ALP colleague, Eddie Obeid, along with National Party member Adrian Piccoli, all signified their opposition to gay marriage but said their opinions were based on their personal beliefs and not influenced by the Pope's statement.

Liberals Barry O'Farrell and Charlie Lynn, along with the Uniting Party's Peter Wong, all signalled that their first priority was to serve their constituencies and represent their electorate, regardless of their Catholic faith.

Independent Clover Moore and Reform the Legal System Party's Peter Breen, both active Catholics, along with self-confessed lapsed Catholic Carmel Tebbutt, were all fiercely opposed to the Pope's statement.

Ms Moore described it as narrow, reactionary and out of touch. "My position reflects Christ's teaching . . . fair, just, inclusive and practical," she said. "My conscience is clear."

Mr Breen has already sent a letter to the Pope, taking him to task for concentrating on the human sexual act instead of human relationships. "Hopefully I will be guided by an informed Christian conscience in my deliberations," he said.

The Vatican last week issued a worldwide directive aimed at stopping homosexual unions gaining the same legal status as heterosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is legal in two countries, Belgium and The Netherlands, and in two provinces of Canada.

While the document does not differ from the church's doctrine of homosexuality as "a troubled moral and social phenomenon", it does instruct Catholics, especially politicians, on what to do to stop the increasing validity of same-sex unions.

In Canada, where the stakes are higher because of recent legislation in some provinces allowing gay marriage, Calgary's Bishop Fred Henry has warned that Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien is risking his eternal salvation by proposing legislation in favour of homosexual marriage.

But General-Secretary of the Canadian Bishops Conference Monsignor Peter Schonenbach distanced the other bishops from Henry's statement.

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4 Aug 2003