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Vicar General concerned about gays importing surrogate babies

Melbourne Archdiocesan Vicar General Monsignor Les Tomlinson has expresed alarm at reports of gay male couples paying overseas women to have babies for them to bypass strict state laws against commercial surrogacy.

The growing phenomenon of "reproductive tourism" was highlighted in the weekend press, with a Melbourne GP saying that she knew of three male couples who had become fathers by paying US mothers "tens of thousands of dollars" to have babies with sperm donated by one partner in the relationship.

Monsignor Tomlinson echoed the views of a spokesman from the Australian Family Association who described it as a form of child abuse.

"Such ways of procuring offspring are stepping outside the natural order," said Monsignor Tomlinson.

Depriving a child of a mother and father, he continued, could "impair the psychological and emotional growth" of such a child and contribute to dysfunction later.

The Catholic Church in Victoria was involved in a high-profile legal case last year in which a lesbian sought the right to bear a child using in vitro fertilisation.

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18 Aug 2003