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Pell says Vatican gay unions document meant for all people

The "strange" proposal to legalise homosexual unions should be opposed consistently, and not just by Catholics, according to Sydney's Archbishop George Pell.

As debate continues more than a week after publication of the landmark Vatican document on the legalisation of gay marriage, this Sunday's Catholic Weekly newspaper devotes its front page to Dr Pell's comments on the issue.

He said: "One does not need to have any particular religion to recognise this, or that the family based on marriage is the best way to bring up happy, productive children."

"These are arguments from reason, supported by both the Christian and Jewish traditions going back at least 3000 years," he continued. "It is the strange proposal to legalise homosexual unions which is the novelty."

"Therefore the (Vatican) document is addressed to all people of any or no religion," Dr Pell concluded.

He added: "This human development of the spouses and the proper nurturing of children who are the fruit of such unions makes an immense contribution to the common good of society.

"The proposals to recognise these unions legally, and the pressures in the Anglican and Uniting Churches to recognise such liaisons as appropriate for their ordained ministers, are part of a wider campaign to move from tolerance of homosexual activity to public endorsement."

Same-sex couples are only a tiny proportion of the population "but we should not underestimate the wider impact these threatened developments would have", the archbishop said. "They should be opposed consistently, courteously and reasonably."

Catholic Weekly

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15 Aug 2003