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ACU awards ethics prize to health issues researcher

A Melbourne research fellow who has proposed an ethical framework for health research reporting has taken the $10,000 prize in the Australian Catholic University Eureka Prize for Research in Ethics.

ACU National Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Sheehan named Craig Fry as the winner at the awards dinner at Fox Studios in Sydney on Tuesday evening. Fry is Senior Research Fellow at the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre in Melbourne. He won the award for his examination of ethical issues concerning public health research and reporting.

"Craig has taken the issue of research into public health concerns one step further and highlighted the need to have consistency in research in public health," said ACU National Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Sheehan. "He has critically questioned what is considered fair and ethical in undertaking such research."

Craig Fry's framework addresses such issues as why drug users participate in research, whether research subjects should be paid, and how to ensure that the rights of research subjects are respected while still obtaining meaningful results.

Professor Sheehan said ACU's continuing support of the award reflects the University's belief that researchers should be encouraged and rewarded for pursuing work "in this very significant area".

Professor "ACU National strives to put ethics at the heart of education," said Professor Sheehan. "We have continued to support this award for research in ethics because we believe it is vital that researchers are encouraged and rewarded for pursuing work in this very significant area," he said.

Craig Fry received his award at the 13th annual Australian Museum Eureka Prize dinner held at Fox Studios, Sydney on 12 August. For further details on the prize, visit the Australian Museum Eureka Prize website.

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Australian Catholic University Eureka Prize for Research in Ethics
Australian Catholic University
Research Output for Craig Fry (2003 Deakin University Research Report)
Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre

14 Aug 2003