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US Bishops official says Anglican gay bishop appointment a setback for ecumenism

A spokesman for the US Catholic bishops has said that the appointment of an openly gay Anglican bishop will cause "new ecumenical challenges."

Catholic World News reports that US Bishops' Ecumenical Secretariat Chairman Bishop Stephen Blaire said that the decision by the Episcopal Church was "a departure from the common understanding of the meaning and purpose of human sexuality, and the morality of homosexual activity as founded in Sacred Scripture and the Christian tradition."

He concluded that the appointment would have "serious implications" for continuing talks between Catholic and Anglican officials.

But Bishop Blaire said the Catholic Church would "remain committed to prayerful and honest dialogue, however difficult," with Episcopalian officials.

His statement opened with the observation that talks between Anglican and Catholic leaders have been "serious and fruitful" in recent years.

Catholic World News

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13 Aug 2003