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Political tension causes dip in Caritas North Korea donations

Caritas Internationalis has called for more relief assistance to North Korea amid a fall in donations following political tensions sparked by the communist country's nuclear weapons program.

At last month's General Assembly, Caritas Internationalis resolved to continue humanitarian aid for the North Korean people despite the shortfall in income.

An official at Caritas Hong Kong told UCA News that the organisation has so far received only 30% of the required funds.

"If there is not enough aid to the people there," she said, "the most vulnerable, such as children in residential care, the sick and pregnant women, would be most affected."

She said she hopes that donations will reach at least 70% of the $A4.06 million target. She said the food shortage and the health crisis remain key concerns, so Caritas will continue to help North Korea improve its agriculture sector and provide the country with basic medical equipment.

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13 Aug 2003