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Catholic Mission supporting Liberians

As the hope for an end to the violence draws closer in Liberia with yesterday's resignation of former President Charles Taylor, Catholic Mission has issued a statement confirming its continuing support for projects for children.

Catholic Mission has given more than $A60,787 to support children's projects in the war-torn West African nation in the past year. The funding has been used for a variety of projects including, education, health care and rehabilitation.

One such project is for children who have ended up on the streets, orphans of war and casualties of conflict. The children are provided accommodation, food, love and care. Catholic Mission provides funds for the children's education and health care.

In Monrovia, funding from Catholic Mission has helped with the construction of three village schools in purchasing concrete, roof tiles and timber boards.

The organisation says education is the single most important factor that contributes to national economic growth and is instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty and violence.

"It is crucial in empowering individuals and transforming societies," argued yesterday's statement from Catholic Mission. "Projects for children funded by Catholic Mission aim at providing all children with an opportunity for education. Education can bring about lasting peace."

Catholic Mission

Catholic Mission
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13 Aug 2003