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New Boston Archbishop's humble home

Boston's new archbishop has decided to live in a cathedral presbytery rather than the expensive residence used by his predecessors.

Archbishop Sean O'Malley plans to make the move to the presbytery of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston's South End, a working-class neighbourhood in the city centre, in the next several months, departing from a tradition set by his four predecessors who lived in the archbishop's residence.

Cardinal Bernard Law, who resigned in December following criticism over his handling of clergy sex abuse, was citicised for living in the expensive piece of real estate while the Archdiocese struggled to raise the money to settle more than 500 civil lawsuits.

But O'Malley stressed in a newspaper column this week that criticism of his predecessors for living in an expensive residence was unfair because they were simply following tradition. He said he wanted to change the symbolism, and also feels "a bishop should be close to his cathedral whenever possible". The new archbishop is a Capuchin Franciscan friar, and wears a simple brown hooded robe and sandals.


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11 Aug 2003