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Catholic lobbyist says water reform 'beyond politics'

The Catholic lobby group PolMin has welcomed the national approach to water resource problems, in evidence at a major meeting last week in Northern New South Wales.

Lobbyist Victoria Kearney represented PolMin at Wednesday's public forum at Moree, which was attended by around 500 irrigators, farmers, politicians and academics.

"I am pleased to see that Water reform has now broken down political boundaries across Federal State relations," she commented. "For this Deputy Prime Minster John Anderson and NSW Minster for Natural Resources Craig Knowles are to be congratulated."

Ms Kearney stressed that a national water plan needs to be enshrined in Federal legislation, or it could be undermined as governments change.

She said: "We need to get this policy right to ensure equitable social, economic and environmental outcomes and the responsible ownership of water being one for All Australians."

Ms Kearney added that PolMin would support new Water legislation that includes an environmental food levy to fund adjustment in regional communities towards sustainable agricultural practices.


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11 Aug 2003