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British Caritas supports US move for Liberian peace

Following weeks of bloodshed in Liberia, the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) has been quick to welcome signs of intervention, stressing that the urgency of the situation cannot be understated.

The United States has tabled a draft UN Security Council resolution authorising a peace enforcement force to enter Liberia immediately. It's believed that the draft resolution the peace mission would grant a mandate to use force if necessary. CAFOD expressed its belief that such a mandate is essential if the mission is to be effective.

The news comes as a fact-finding mission from the West African ECOWAS union arrives in the capital Monrovia. If the draft resolution is passed, it's understood that the UN would underwrite some of the costs of the Nigerian troops who are preparing to enter Liberia first.

While welcoming the news of the draft resolution, CAFOD stressed again that for every day that the International Community dithers, lives are being lost in Monrovia.

"The utterly desperate state of the Liberian situation cannot be underestimated," CAFOD Liberia program officer David Baines said. "People in Monrovia have nowhere to hide from the chaos of the fighting and for the thousands who are wounded there is only one hospital still open which is completely overwhelmed."

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32 Aug 2003