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LA Archbishop says Bob Hope lived up to his name

Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles has said that comedian Bob Hope's humour brought hope to people that "led to inner joy and peacefulness".

He was speaking at yesterday's two-hour memorial mass for Hope at St Charles Borromeo's Church in Los Angeles, where the comedian worshipped regularly until his 27 July death at the age of 100.

"Through the humour that led to inner joy and peacefulness, he brought hope," Mahony said. "He brought hope in the midst of turmoil, anxiety and uncertainty ... His name is another element of who this great man was."

The congregation of 500 friends and family included Hollywood stars, golfers, politicians, generals and businessmen.

Cardinal Mahony said many stand-up comics come and go, but Hope's legacy will endure. He recalled telling the one-time Protestant Hope that he should join the Catholic church, to which Hope replied: "I don't need to become a Catholic because (wife) Dolores does enough praying for both of us."

The British-born Hope converted to Catholicism in 1996, according to Hope's longtime spokesman Ward Grant.


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Bob Hope

28 Aug 2003