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Church on the hill hosts football legend's farewell

Yesterday St Ignatius Church Richmond, in Melbourne, played host to the funeral mass for Australian Rules football legend "Captain Blood" Jack Dyer.

The 90 year old former Richmond champion and football commentator and media personality died earlier this week. 1000 people attended yesterday's mass.

This morning's Herald-Sun newspaper suggested it was a fitting location for the event, because "for more than 100 years, St Ignatius Church has watched over Richmond, guiding it through wars, the Great Depression and the good times".

Dyer was an altar boy at the Church in the 1920s and a pupil at the primary school next door. He married his wife Sybil in St Ignatius in 1939.

At yesterday's mass, fans, club presidents and high-powered businessmen sat shoulder to shoulder with Richmond Tigers of old, and today's champions.

The Herald-Sun said that "for much of his life, Dyer had carried the hopes and dreams of a struggling suburb on his broad shoulders and strong back", and "yesterday they said thank you".

After more than an hour of recollections, it was time for the church to say goodbye to its favourite son. As incense surrounded Dyer's casket, covered by a tiger pelt, the final act was over.


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28 Aug 2003