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Vatican Radio criticises ABC homemade bombs report

Vatican Radio has commented on a feature broadcast on Monday night's ABC TV 7:30 Report that demonstrated how easy it can be to make a bomb.

The report said that common agricultural or garden fertiliser, available over the counter, is one of the basic ingredients used in making a bomb. It indicated that instructions are available on the Internet. The program then showed how a bomb is made before depicting the test explosion of the bomb in a car under the supervision of experts.

The ABC had resisted calls from Government and community groups not to show the report.

Vatican Radio said the fact that bomb-making instructions are available on the Web is "old news", suggesting that the ABC was irresponsible in enticing new generations of potential terrorists to try their hand at bomb-making.

It said: "Television, substantially stupid [and] led by obtuse market criteria, rules over all and even imposes itself on states' democratic powers."


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28 Aug 2003