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Hobart Archbishop accuses State Govt of deception on same-sex relationships

Hobart's Archbishop Adrian Doyle yesterday suggested gay marriage is the Tasmanian Government's "real agenda" against giving homosexuals legislative protection against discrimination.

Noting that discrimination is never acceptable towards any person, he questioned the need for the current Bills.

"The Anti-Discrimination Act provides extensive protection against discrimination on the basis of a person's sexual orientation or lawful sexual activity," he said. "The only answer is that the real agenda, confirmed by prominent gay activists, is the formal recognition of same-sex marriage."

Archbishop Doyle said that the establishment of a 'relationships register' under the legislation constitutes formal recognition of same-sex relationships.

"In the absence of protection of 'traditional marriage', same-sex marriage is just around the corner," he said.

"Given that the Attorney-General is proposing the establishment of a parallel universe, equivalent to marriage, for same-sex couples, including some adoption rights, where is the evidence of the Government's commitment to traditional marriage and the procreation of children 'by the usual means'?" he asked.

Archbishop Doyle challenged Upper House MPs to consider what protections are in place in the legislation to protect "marriage between a man and a woman". He stressed that they have "an important opportunity to act as a thorough house of review."

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28 Aug 2003