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Dynamite attack on Colombian Archbishop's residence

Archbishop Alberto Giraldo Jaramillo of Medellin appealed once more for national reconciliation following a dynamite attack on his residence.

The archbishop was not in his residence when a grenade exploded, thrown by two men on motorcycle. The explosion around 8:00 pm last Friday damaged the residence's parking area and wounded two policemen.

The archbishop was out of town attending the installation of a bishop.

Asked who might be responsible for the attack, Archbishop Giraldo Jaramillo said: "Frankly, I have no idea," and added "if someone has something against the Church, the best thing would be for us to meet and talk."

The archbishop appealed for reconciliation in Colombia, pointing out that dialogue is still the best way, as "violence only confuses everyone."


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Archbishop Alberto Giraldo Jaramillo []
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27 Aug 2003