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Catholic Health says frail elderly not political pawns

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has condemned a decision by Victoria's Aged Care Association to place public hospital patients last on the admission priority lists of aged care homes.

Commenting on moves to push the burden of the funding squeeze on to some of the most defenceless members of the community an "unnecessary and uncaring strategy", CHA CEO Francis Sullivan said the frail and sick should not be used for political purposes is wrong.

"Providers should have the dignity and care of patients as their highest priority, not use them for political stunts," he said. "Denying the frailest and sickest the most appropriate care in the last stage of their lives is totally unacceptable for a community as prosperous as ours."

60% of aged care facility admissions come from hospials.

Mr Sullivan acknowledged that the "enormous strain" the present erosion of funding is placing on funding.

"The Commonwealth must introduce a proper payment system to meet the real costs of care. Our analysis reveals a current annual shortfall of at least $248 million.

"As raised at the recent Australian Health Care Summit the Commonwealth, states and territories should increase funds to address the shortfall in aged care beds and provide better, more secure care in patients homes."

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22 Aug 2003