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Vatican official calls cloning a "crime against humanity"

Attempts to clone human beings should be banned internationally as a "crime against the human person," according Pontifical Council for the Family head Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo.

Trujillo said the Holy See's opposition to human cloning does not reflect a fear of technology, but a commitment to protecting humans, sexuality and the family.

The cardinal spoke as the build-up to a UN debate on a global ban on human cloning for reproduction gathered pace.

The Vatican supports the ban and efforts to expand its prohibitions on human cloning for any purpose, whether the procedure is aimed at producing a child or creating an embryo whose cells would be used to treat others.

"It is not acceptable to maintain that a human being, in any stage of its development, is like material in a warehouse or a source of tissue and organs - replacement parts," Cardinal Lopez said.

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20 Aug 2003