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Priest, nuns killed in African countries

An elderly Congolese nun was killed by rebels last weekend, while two Comboni missionaries have been killed by Karamojong fighters in Northwest Uganda.

80 year old Sr Mathilde of the Congregation of the Servants of Jesus is believed to have been shot during an armed attack in Fataki, about 80 km north of Bunia in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sources of the MISA news agency say she was killed as she was running away with other members of her community, from militias belonging to the Lendu ethnic group.

Her body was found, with several others, in the former convent of the Carmelite Sisters in Fataki.

MISNA say there have been unconfirmed reports of a number of other casualties in the area

Meanwhile 84 year old Fr Mario Montavani, who came to Uganda in 1957, and 29 year old Br Godfrey Kiryowa, were driving when they found themselves in the middle of a gunfight between two warring factions of the Karamojong on Friday.

Ugandan police announced that they have arrested a suspect who was caught wearing the shoes of the dead priest.

Fr Montavani has been deeply interested in the Karamojong culture and has even written some grammar materials in the local language. He was put in charge of accompanying young missionaries on evangelising missions in the area.

"Their sacrifice is the most eloquent sign of the love for the mission of Christ in Uganda," said Fr Manuel Augusto, the Superior General of the Comboni Missionaries.

In the past 20 years alone, warring factions in Northern Uganda have killed at least 13 missionaries.

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19 Aug 2003