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Brisbane Commission urges no compromise on land clearing

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Brisbane has implored the Prime Minister and the Queensland Premier to remain firm in their commitment to finding a solution to the land clearing problem in Queensland.

The Commission is concerned that the Prime Minister may be losing his resolve to address the problem effectively after a recent visit to Queensland.

Executive Officer Peter Arndt said that the environmental, economic and social welfare of Queensland and the nation will be influenced by the degree of commitment shown by the Federal and State Governments in dealing with the problem.

"According to Queensland Department of Natural Resources figures, the rate of land clearing has increased by about 50% in the last decade," Mr Arndt said.

"Figures from the year 2000 show that we were clearing land of native vegeatation at a rate equivalent to clearing almost 10 average house blocks a minute," he said.

"The rate of land clearing in Queensland is three times as much as all the other States and Territories put together," he said. "We need to protect much more of our native bushlands because excessive land clearing is endangering more and more plants and animals and contributing to the growing problem of salinity," he said.

Mr Arndt said that a failure to make tough decisions about land clearing now will lead to serious consequences for our agricultural economy. He said the Commission will be sending all parishes copies of two pamphlets it has prepared, one explaining the major themes of Catholic teaching on the environment and the second explaining the land clearing issue.

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Catholic Commision for Justice and Peace (Archdiocese of Brisbane)
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16 Jul 2003