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International film festival to mark Mother Teresa beatification

Mother Teresa will make history with an international festival of films dedicated in her honour in Kolkata (Calcutta), to mark her 19 October beatification in Rome.

No saint or blessed in the Catholic Church's history has had an international festival of films dedicated to him/her, said president of Signis India Fr C.M. Paul SDB.

"Mother Teresa, the 'Saint of the Gutters', who captivated the world in her blue-bordered white sari and her dogged zeal, deserves this feature and documentary film festival," said Fr Paul, the Archdiocesan Festival Coordinator.

Included in the list of films expected to be shown is cynic-turned convert Malcolm Muggeridge's Something Beautiful For God, regarded as the first film made on Mother Teresa.

The list also includes two-time Emmy Award winner Anne Petrie's Mother Teresa—Her Legacy, Japanese director Shigeki Chiba's Mother Teresa And Her World, Anna & Folco Terzani's Mother Teresa's First Love (1997), the US-based Eternal Word Television Network's Total Surrender, and Dominique Lapierre's feature In The Name of God's Poor.

Another inclusion likely to create controversy is the 1994 British Channel 4 documentary Hell's Angel: Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The production is based on Christopher Hitchens' controversial book The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice.

"The idea behind including this film is to show people the various aspects of Mother Teresa and be objective in our festival presentation," said Fr Paul. "Mother has served humanity like nobody has and her virtues outweigh her alleged weaknesses by far."

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16 Jul 2003