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Scottish nun to be exhumed in canonisation bid

A former nun is to be exhumed and removed to an Edinburgh city centre chapel as part of a growing campaign to have her declared a saint.

Margaret Sinclair, who devoted her herself to poverty and prayer in the city before she died 75-years-ago, would be the first Scots woman to be canonised for more than 800 years.

Her remains are being moved from the city's Mount Vernon cemetery at the request of Archbishop Keith O'Brien, in October.

Despite her being a nun for only two years, the campaigners believe it was her "ordinariness" that made her a candidate for canonisation.

Hundreds of worshippers make the pilgrimage to her grave in Mount Vernon with this being the last year before she is moved to St Patrick's Church on the Royal Mile.

Father Edward Hone, of St Patrick's Church, said: "She has been at Mount Vernon a long time and there is no real need to move her but it is being done to promote her cause and to bring more attention to her.

Ms Sinclair gave up life at the age of 23 in 1925 to enter the Order of the Poor Clares, only to die two years later.

The campaign is supported by veteran television presenter Sir Jimmy Savile, who has claimed that his life was saved by Miss Sinclair after his mother prayed to her when he was very sick as a youngster.

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14 Jul 2003