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Nuns seek to copyright Mother Teresa's name

The order of nuns founded by Mother Teresa is arranging to copyright her name in a bid to halt attempts by other organisations - including banks and business schools - to cash in on her image.

"We are seeking legal protection for the use of our logo, and also want such protection for the name of Mother Teresa and that of the Missionaries of Charity," Sister Nirmala, the head of the order, said in a statement.

"In her lifetime, Mother Teresa expressed on a number occasions her wish that her name not be used by any other individuals or organisations without her permission, and after her death, the permission of her successor."

The Missionaries of Charity, established in 1950, says it has received reports that several organisations are using Mother Teresa's name as well as the order's logo - a cross set within an oval and surrounded by rosary beads.

In one case, the order managed to convince the "Mother Teresa Institute of Management" to drop the name. Media reports said a bank was among other organisations trying to capitalise on the name.

The Missionaries of Charity has applied to the Indian patents office for copyright, one of the order's lawyers told Reuters.


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10 Jul 2003