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Radio station's "bishop" promotion outrages Sydney Catholics

Catholics in Sydney have condemned a TV ad for a radio station that depicts a young woman dressed as a schoolgirl taking communion on the tongue from a young man in full bishop's regalia.

But St Mary's Cathedral Dean Monsignor Tony Doherty warned against "feeding the monster by drawing attention to the latest outrage".

"Advertising depends on catching the attention of a dozy audience," he told the Catholic Weekly. "Shock and controversy are the triggers they use."

Nevertheless advertisers can be sensitive to concerns from the public if they are made aware of them directly, he said.

Administrative manager at the Advertising Standards Bureau Louise Webb said the bureau had also received a "significant number" of complaints about the ad.

"However, our understanding from the advertiser is that this ad is no longer running and will not be on again so we will not be proceeding any further," she said.

Catholic Weekly

Advertising Standards Bureau

10 Jul 2003