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Iraqi bishop cites fear of chaos

An Iraqi bishop has called for the formation of a provisional government in his country, warning that Iraq is slipping into chaos.

Baghdad Chaldean Catholic auxiliary Bishop Shlemon Warduni told Vatican Radio at the weekend: "There is no security in Iraq."

"The people of Iraq are living in great difficulty," he said. In the absence of an effective government, he continued, "we are falling into chaos."

Bishop Warduni made it clear that he was not complaining about the American effort to restore Iraq.

"The Americans are here to help us, and we thank them," he said. "They have already done a great deal."

But he stressed that the country cannot regain a sense of normalcy until there is "a provisional government - or at least a system of law."

The bishop urged international leaders to cooperate in the effort "to make Iraq free and democratic, without any occupation."

"The time of fear and dictatorship is over," said Bishop Warduni. "Now, particularly for the sake of the young people and children, we want a bit of freedom."

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8 Jul 2003