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Pope says dialogue the only way to solve international conflicts

John Paul II has said that courageous and tenacious dialogue is an important way to respond to existing tensions in the world.

"Dialogue, based on solid moral laws, facilitates the solution of conflicts and favors respect for life, for every human life," the Pope said on Tuesday. He was receiving Abdulhafed Gaddur, head of the Libyan mission to the Vatican.

He said recourse to arms to resolve controversies is "always a defeat of reason and of humanity".

The Holy Father expressed his concern for the situation in the Middle East, terrorism, as well as conflicts that stall development in many areas of Africa, and the unequal distribution of the earth's goods.

He said the Vatican is constantly promoting dialogue "in order to foster agreement among nations, the attainment of peace and the defense of the legitimate peculiarities of all peoples, as well as concrete solidarity toward the less fortunate."

"The sincere desire for honest collaboration is the basis for a beneficial cooperation between believers and all men," something that is especially valid for "the followers of Islam and for Christians," he told the Libyan ambassador.


3 Jul 2003