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Catholic Health wants Govt to make aged care scheme fairer

Catholic Health Australia says less well off aged care residents are now subsidising wealthier people who are receiving high care services in aged care homes.

"The Government must make the accommodation bonds scheme fairer and more effective to ensure the construction of much needed new nursing homes and dementia specific hostels," according to CHA CEO Francis Sullivan.

"As it currently stands, the rise in the property market has left low income people, including pensioners, paying higher bonds into low care hostels due to increased value of their family homes," he explained. "Yet, people entering nursing homes, even though many are wealthier pay less and the shortfall can only be made up from the contributions of bond paying low care residents."

Mr Sullivan said that despite glaring evidence, the Government continues to sit on its hands as aged care providers struggle or opt out of building new nursing homes and dementia facilities.

"Since the aged care reforms started the length of stay in aged care homes has increased and 60% of people in nursing home care have dementia," he said. "It is time to better distinguish the nature of the service people receive when admitted to a nursing home."

Catholic Health Australia

Catholic Health Australia
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3 Jul 2003