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Cardinal calls for reform in Philippine society and Church

Following the country's failed coup, Cardinal Jaime Sin of Manila said that "every sector of society, including the Church, needs reform."

Although the means used by the small military group, the 'Magdalo group', are considered immoral and illegal, the cardinal noted, however, that the soldiers have "called our attention as well as the government's to the evils of corruption in our environment."

Sin was speaking during his homily at Tuesday's Thanksgiving Mass for Peace at Manila's EDSA Shrine.

He said the Military's use of weapons cannot solve the problem of insurgency in the country, particularly in Mindanao.

"Peace is not achieved at gunpoint but through human development," the cardinal said. "The use of violence merely destroys and never builds, nor does it give birth to hope but breeds hatred and division among the people."

"Genuine reform can only happen if it is built on justice, goodness, and peace," he continued. "But ultimately, it is not just the government's policies and programs that must change; what is important is the change of hearts, for "peace begins within hearts."


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31 Jul 2003