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US sex abuse Review Board report finds some jobs undone

The work of the National Review Board established by the US bishops last year "has proceeded uninterrupted and with continued vigor and independence" despite the resignation of its first chairman, the board said in an evaluation of its first year.

In the eight-page report, released at a news conference in Chicago on Tuesday, the board thanked former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, who resigned in June as board chairman, for "the leadership lent in the early stages of our formation."

But the report made no reference to the controversy that led to the resignation of Keating, who had characterised some bishops as being as secretive as a crime family in their handling of allegations of child sexual abuse by priests.

Most of the report updated the status of six major goals set for the National Review Board when it was established by the US bishops last June.

"We know that much of our agenda has yet to be accomplished," the report said. "But we believe that for real change our prescriptions must go to the root of the troubles if their effects are to be lasting."

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31 Jul 2003