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Ethicist says don't limit stem-cell debate to status of embryo

The ethical concerns regarding human embryonic stem-cell research should go beyond whether or not the embryo is a human person, according to Dr Paul Lauritzen of the Jesuit John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio.

"This either/or tends to drive people to the extremes," he said in a paper presented last week to the President's Council on Bioethics, a body that advises the US President.

Lauritzen maintained that his own view was that embryonic stem-cell research is ethical.

"I do not think the early embryo is a person and I believe that both embryonic and adult stem-cell research should go forward under a system of strict regulation," said Lauritzen, also director of the applied ethics program at the university in the Cleveland suburb of University Heights.

Church officials have repeatedly opposed embryonic stem-cell research both because it destroys human life and because they say the use of adult stem cells can have the same benefits.

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30 Jul 2003