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Pope ventures out of summer residence

John Paul II left his summer residence for a few hours on Thursday, in order to go to the town of Abruzzi.

The information was contained in a Vatican Radio report, which added no further details.

The Holy Father is reported to be fatigued and in need of a vacation. He arrived at his Castel Gandolfo summer residence outside Rome on 10 July, and has only left the residence once in the past two weeks, touring the area without leaving his car.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera attributes his fatigue to regime of "detoxification" of the drugs which are prescribed for him throughout the year in order to fight against the Parkinson's disease which he is believed to be suffering from.

Meanwhie Pope John Paul yesterday called on all Liberians to put down their arms so that the international community can come to the peoples' aid.

"In the face of the suffering of that dear people, we cannot help but ask all those who have a weapon in their hands to put it down to give room to dialogue and to the concerted action of the international community," he told pilgrims in the courtyard at Castel Gandolfo.

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28 Jul 2003