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Vatican newspaper says photos of war causalities violate international law

L'Osservatore Romano on Saturday criticised the US administration's decision to authorise publication of images of the disfigured bodies of the sons of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Uday and Qusay Hussein were killed on Tuesday in Mosul during an attack carried out by the US military.

The paper said that international law prohibits the publication of photos of war casualties, no matter who they are.

In March, it criticised Iraqi television's transmission of images of US prisoners of war, considering it an offence against "the dignity of man".

US Secretary of State Donald Rumsfelt said on Thursday: "I feel it was the right decision and I'm glad I made it."

Historically the Pentagon has refused to release pictures of American or enemy war dead, but Rumsfeld said he personally gave the order.

"It's important for the Iraqi people to see them, to know they're gone," he said.


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28 Jul 2003