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Pokie tax threatens club aid to Church

Two of Sydney's leading Catholic social clubs say their support for community organisations and Catholic education will be devastated if State Government plans to double poker machine taxes go ahead.

Greg Kearins, general manager of Dooley's Lidcombe Catholic Club, says the new tax will have a significant impact on the level of support that Dooleys is able to offer the community.

"In the last financial year Dooleys Club supported local schools, research, charities and tertiary institutions with donations of over $360,000 - $106,407 more than the required minimum," he said.

"The new taxes will curb a significant amount of the club's spending in the future.

"By 2010 the level of tax we pay, based on our current tax paid and the proposed new incremental tax rates, will have almost doubled.

"Growth in employment will stop, amenities will have to be restricted and the board will have to consider any donations above the minimum."

John Turnbull, general manager, Liverpool Catholic Club, estimates that the new tax will close most clubs within five years.

"Clubs are non-profit so we have a basic commitment to the community and to our members," he said. "The club's constitution says we must support Catholic education in the Liverpool area, which we do at about $800,000 a year.

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24 Jul 2003