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Bishop opposes critical films in Mother Teresa film festival

A bishop closely associated with the beatification of Mother Teresa has expressed his opposition to the inclusion of two controversial films among those to be screened at the film festival to mark Mother Teresa's beatification.

Bishop Salvadore Lobo, who heads Mother Teresa's cause for beatification, has asked Archbishop Lucas Sirkar of Calcutta to drop Dominique Lapierre's "In the name of God's Poor" and "Hell's Angel," based on Christopher Hitchens' book, "The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice."

Both films, Bishop Lobo points out, "depict Mother and her Work in a very distorted way. If these two films are screened, we would be dishonoring her. They are far from the truth on Mother's life, her work, and her belief. We, from the Church side, cannot patronize these films and screen them." Hitchens was well known as a strong critic of Mother Teresa with claims that her reputation for sanctity was a front.

The Calcutta Archdiocese has already set up a committee to organize the international festival of films and documentaries in early November in Calcutta as part of the celebration of her beatification, set for October 19 in the Vatican.


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24 Jul 2003