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Church in Philippines vows to reject "dirty" money

The Philippine bishops' conference has instructed the Church's Social Action National Secretariat to fight corruption by not accepting donations from corrupt sources.

"Corruption is the abuse of power, in the ambit of the government or in the private sector, for personal enrichment," says a pastoral document signed by ourgoing Bishops Conference President Archbishop Orlando Quevedo. "But it is the poor who end up losing."

The text was issued at the end of the Conference's recent assemply. The bishops stated that about $A74.24 billion - equal to 40% of the Philippine Government's annual budget - was lost due to corruption over the past 20 years, the MISNA news agency reported.

Corruption robs development projects and social services, affecting the weakest and neediest sector of the population, the bishops said.

While the government tries to take steps to eradicate the problem, the Bishops are inviting the faithful to address the problem in their own social or work milieu.

In particular, the bishops call "all Catholic institutions, organisations and ecclesial communities to undertake the anti-corruption campaign with the greatest commitment."


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23 Jul 2003