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Pope expands evangelisation by mobile phone

Irish mobile phone users can now access brief daily inspirational SMS messages by Pope John Paul that have been available to Italian users since the beginning of this year.

The Pope's thoughts will be delivered to Irish subscribers at midday each day. The service, which costs about $A0.27 per message, has been particularly popular with young people in Italy.

The thoughts are taken from the Holy Father's homilies, messages and other writings. There are plans to expand the service to Brazil, using the Portuguese language.

The papal messages, which originate in the Vatican, at the moment are different each day in both languages. However, it is expected that in the future, which includes plans to transmit the SMS in Portuguese throughout Brazil, the same message will appear daily. The service is provided by Acotel, an Italian wireless application service provider and multimedia service integrator that is headquartered in Rome.

Journalists who are TIM subscribers in Italy with WAP cell phones can also access the daily bulletin of the Holy See Press Office. In time they will also be able to receive the Vatican Information Service and access the Vatican web site.

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Pope John Paul, evangelizing through cell phones (Vatican Information Service)
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23 Jul 2003