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Nun says US should put heat on Pakistan over blasphemy laws

The US government should pressure Pakistan to abolish blasphemy laws that discriminate against minority religions, according the chairwoman of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Major Religious Superiors Leadership Conference in Pakistan.

"I would like the American people to understand the poor people of underdeveloped countries and be sympathetic toward them, to help them live as human beings," Presentation Sister Norris Nawab told The Evangelist, newspaper of the Albany Diocese, New York.

Sister Nawab was in Albany visiting friends after testifying before a UN human rights commission in Geneva, Switzerland, on forced labour in Pakistan.

"I feel that the American people are ignorant of the basic needs of Pakistanis and how they survive. I feel that they never look out of the window at the rest of the world," she said.

Sr Nawab told The Evangelist that Pakistani Christians are under constant threat of violence and harassment, made worse by the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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18 Jul 2003