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Catholic Health fears for dental health of aged Australians

The Commonwealth Government's subsidy for residential aged care is failing to meet the dental health needs of residents, according to Catholic Health Australia's CEO Francis Sullivan.

He said the Commonwealth is blaming the States for the funding shortfall, yet the gap between what the Commonwealth pays and the costs of care has widened by over 6%.

He said: "Now not only do frail and elderly people find access to affordable dentistry elusive, they cannot have any certainty the Commonwealth will ensure that appropriate dental care will be available in residential aged care."

"It is simply not good enough for the Commonwealth to set a standard it isn't prepared to fund."

Sullivan maintained the Commonwealth is responsible for aged care and "cannot slip away from its duty to not only maintain the dental health of residents but improve it in the overall health interests of the frail and dependent".

Catholic Health Australia

Catholic Health Australia

18 Jul 2003