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Churchgoers more generous as congregations dwindle

Research in the UK indicates that churchgoers are becoming more generous as congregations decline.

The weekly giving per person at English churches of various denominations in 2000 was $A29.42. The average size of the congregations in the churches was 93.

The most recent figure is double the $A14.71 a head a week given to the collection plate in 1990, when the congregation size averaged 112.

Anglican parishioners were more generous, giving an average figure of $A39.23.

The survey, which involved 1100 churches of all denomiations, was conducted by the British organisation Christian Research.

In other research conclusions released by the organisation, it seems that small leadership teams are more effective in local churches than a large ones.

Figures from research conducted in Scotland indicate that churches which were growing averaged 13 people in their leadership team while churches which were declining had an average of 22 leaders.


Christian Research (UK) | Leadership key for church growth (press release)

17 Jul 2003