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US Cardinal says kindness the key to evangelisation

Kindness is the "great key" to making Christian disciples, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick told an international gathering of Catholic leaders last week in the US state of Oregon.

"Deep in my heart I believe that evangelisation is intimately related to charity," said the cardinal, head of the Archdiocese of Washington.

"If we are unkind, if we are arrogant, if we are proud, we will never find people open to our message."

The address began the four-day North American Institute for Catholic Evangelisation, a gathering that signalled the importance the church has put on spreading the Gospel message. The sessions drew about 470 church workers to Oregon, which has one of the lowest church-attendance rates in the nation.

At the institute were bishops, priests, heads of religious communities, chiefs of diocesan and national church offices and parish ministers from the the US, Canada, Latin America and the UK.

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17 Jul 2003