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Nun arrested for hiding chickens

A nun has been arrested in Holland after she refused to tell police where she had hidden her 18 chickens.

Mother Mary, 58, has been accused of breaching restrictions on the movement of poultry which are intended to control an outbreak of avian influenza.

Public health inspectors visited the abbey where she lives in Asten and asked to inspect the chickens kept there by the nuns.

Mother Mary refused to hand over the chickens and would not tell inspectors where they were, reports Trouw newspaper.

The inspectors reported Mother Mary to the police and she was arrested and taken to a police station at Venlo for questioning.

The other nuns at the abbey say she can only be held for three days and that they will pray for her until she is released.

Sister Makrina, said: "We sent them on a long vacation. We respect life, even if it's only chickens and we don't let the ministry destroy them for pure economic reasons."


17 Jun 2003