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Vinnies to put blunt message to Poverty Inquiry

"21% of Australian households are living on under $400 a week". "The poor are silenced, but we will not be silenced!" These are the blunt messages the St Vincent de Paul Society is taking to the Senate Inquiry into Poverty later this week.

"Just over 21% of Australian households Š that is about 3.6 million people - are living on under $400 a week", John Meahan, Vinnies National President will tell the Senate Inquiry into Poverty in Canberra later this week. "ThatÕs under $21,000 a year." He intends to ask the Senators, "Could you live on that?"

"The poor are silenced but we will not be silenced. The 800,000 people we visit each year expect us to tell the leaders of this country what we see with our own eyes. The poor are increasingly deprived of income and opportunities while the rich are rewarded by a system that respects money more than human beings."

The Vinnies are sending a high-powered delegation to the inquiry lead by Mr Meahan to present a provocative submission pointing to the "growing numbers of Australians caught and crushed between the jaws of inadequate incomes and rising costs". The Vinnies claim "Money talks while the poor are silenced. The doors of opportunity are slammed shut in the faces of the poor!"

The Vinnies submission to the Poverty Inquiry is available at the link below.

St Vincent de Paul Poverty Inquiry Submission

16 Jun 2003