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US Archdiocese to Pay $38.74m Settlement

US Archdiocese to Pay $38.74m Settlement 243 people will share a $38.74m ($US25.7m) settlement from the Archdiocese of Louisville for clerical sex abuse. This Associated Press story is being widely reported around the world today.

Associated Press reports "the 243 people covered by that agreement represent just a fraction of outstanding claims nationwide". A report on BBC radio said the payout is not covered by insurance and will be met from Archdiocesan assets and could represent up to 60% of the assets of the diocese. The settlement in Louisville was not a class-action which would have set a time limit on victims to come forward. This means there is a likelihood that further claims may be filed against this Archdiocese.

The New York Times report focuses on the threat to social services provided by the Church: "The Roman Catholic Church is one of the strongest strands of the safety net here in northern Kentucky, but its programs may soon be cut because of the actions of wayward priest".

In a separate story Associated Press reports Cardinal Edward Egan of New York intends to name priests removed from active ministry in the archdiocesan newspaper. At the same time a spokesman for the Archbishop said "priests cleared by the investigation for a return to work will not be identified unless they choose to make the matter public themselves". The spokesman said: "It is the cardinal's intention not to make a public statement concerning a priest who is returning to active ministry".

13 Jun 2003