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Catholic Women's leader says education the key to unlock 'feminine genius'

Education and the recognition of women's dignity are important in rising to the Pope's challenge to give more priority to the "feminine genius", according to the worldwide head of the Catholic Womens' League parent organisation.

María Eugenia Díaz de Pfennich, General President of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations (WUCWO), said that while 70% of active participants in the life of the Church are female, women are a minority in executive posts in parish and diocesan councils.

But she stressed that women, as individuals or through organisations, already wield significant influence in the work of catechesis and evangelisation.

In Croatia last Friday, Pope John Paul II said, "Perhaps more than in other periods of history, our time is in need of that 'genius' of woman, which in every circumstance assures sensitivity for the human being."

Addressing his remarks to women, he added: "Your presence is indispensable in the family, in society and in the ecclesial community."

To achieve this objective, Ms Díaz de Pfennich believes that "the first advance consists in woman becoming increasingly conscious of her dignity, of her abilities, and of her greater access to higher education."

WUCWO is a worldwide federation of 102 Catholic women's organisations and movements that includes the Catholic Women's League in Australia.


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12 Jun 2003